IP Hider for Google Chrome

When you hide your IP address you can surf the web and stay anonymous. When a particular website like YouTube orFacebook is banned in your region by ISP provider, government, school management or your employee, you can bypass it using a proxy.

The easiest way is to install Privatoria Proxy extension from the Google Chrome web store in one click and hide your IP address. 3 simple steps you need to do to start using IP hider:

  1. Type Privatoria Proxy in Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome
  2. Click on the sign in the right top corner of your browser and log in using Privatoria Username and Password
  3. Turn on Proxy extension, choose preferred country from the list and click on button Save

Now your real IP is hidden and you can surf on Google Chrome browser. Privatoria involved Anonymous Proxy and now it is Tor integrated.

Using Privatoria IP hider you can get dark web access without Tor browser. You do not have to use Tor browser which slows down your Internet connection and people can’t track down you or your sleights of hand online. You have freedom to do all the stuff you like: unblock favorite websites and content, express your thought without a fear to be spied online.

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