Street Photography

Street photography anywhere in the world is an awesome way to meet people from different walks of life but it reaches its epitome in India which has such a vast cultural diversity. Delhi in this matter is a street photographers paradise richer in its diversified people due to a great number of floating population.

A busy morning in Chandni chowk or a usual day in any of its moghul monuments or be it the railway station you are sure to see people from all over India here. It would be safe to say that half an hour in any of theses places you certainly have seen people from a majority of the state.

The posers

These are the ones who are happy to pose for your shot and do not mind parting with some valuable time . One reason for such behavior is that people love being photographed. Being in front of a camera is a craze that roots from the Bollywood. If you ever have watched a TV telecast of cricket match you would have noticed how the crowd is so excited when the camera is towards them and do all sought of things just to be noticed. One more reason is people here think that the person photographing them might be from media (New Channel) and wont mind their their photograph a part of the next days daily.

The naysayers

There are ones who don’t like to be photographed and may become violent if you do not heed to their warnings and still keep on photographing them. Its always better to respect the privacy of people and move on. One reason that I came across is that here again its people from News Channel who might use their images for some negative news. Time and now I have been asked if I was from any news channel and when the answer was no they were happy to pose for me. People are also concerned what I would do with their photographs and whether I would make money selling them.

The curious

There are ones who do not have the time to wait and pose not challenge you but keep moving on with their routine but sure do provide an eye contact. A few weeks back I was out in a photowalk with the Delhi Photography Club (DPC) in the early morning and people out in the street were curious to see 30 odd photographers clicking their shots and some curious enough to come and ask who we were, the rest just ignoring our presence and continuing their routine.

The concerned

A clergy from the local mosque who was initially unhappy with our presence asked whether we were from the media and after knowing that we were just photography enthusiast gladly let us shoot inside the mosque.

Its usually helpful if you talk and help them understand what you are doing and what you plan to do with the photographs you shot instead of shooting away in a sinister way.

The don’t care

I really like these kind of subjects who neither shy away nor challenge you but to whom you are invisible. People who do not care your presence it would be more apt to say that you are totally invisible to them and they keep moving around like you are a ghost.

I am sure there are hundreds of more variety of people and that is what makes the street photography more exciting.

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