How the OPEX™ Token Makes Instant Currency Conversions Possible Worldwide

Optherium Labs

The OPEX token is a critical component to Optherium’s Ecosystem, a global finance blockchain infrastructure that resolves current shortcomings in the digital economy. Here’s how the OPEX token works to immediately convert any digital or fiat currency between sender and receiver anytime, anywhere.

At a glance:

· The OPEX token serves as a facilitator to cover all transaction fees on the Optherium Ecosystem, as well as a bridge between any supported crypto- or fiat currency.

· A liquidity pool of OPEX tokens in combination with transaction fees collected on the Ecosystem support high volumes of transactions, ensuring there is always OPEX available to perform conversions.

· OPEX tokens also serve as proof of node licensure for private investors, entitling them to a 25% dividend program.

· Whitelist sale begins very soon, making OPEXavailable to investors at a steeply discounted rate.

Optherium’s Ecosystem, a MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network that solves critical financial and security problems facing the digital economy, is founded on the principles of maximizing speed, security, and usability. An essential part of this operating system for a global finance blockchain infrastructure is the utility coin at the heart of the Ecosystem’s functionality: the OPEX™ token.

What is the OPEX™ token?

OPEX™ tokens are an ERC20-compliant cryptocurrency that serve two vital roles on the Optherium Ecosystem. They are a product in themselves, which serve not only to pay for all Optherium services and cover any transaction fees, but to support the very functionality of the entire system.

The OPEX™ facilitator role

As a facilitator token, OPEX™ serves as an internal liquidity reserve token (the OPEX™ reserve equals 25% of total tokens) for the formation of digital currency pairs, permitting rapid internal conversion between up to 150 digital currencies in response to user requests. When a currency is listed on the Optherium Decentralized Currency Exchange, it is immediately paired with OPEX™. This enables OPEX™ to act as a bridge between all crypto- and fiat currencies supported by the Ecosystem, enabling two-step conversions that appear seamless and instant to users.

Moreover, OPEX™ has been designed to facilitate all transactions on the Optherium Ecosystem requiring instant conversions and confirmations of digital currencies initially, before the Exchange is operational, and in expanded form after the Exchange is operational. The internal liquidity reserve facilitator tokens are held by Optherium Labs for their facilitator function, and the company is committed to never sell these tokens, ensuring liquidity in perpetuity.

OPEX as proof of node investment

The secondary role of OPEX™ is as a Proof of Node Licensure token for node holders. A “node” is essentially a critical component of the Optherium Ecosystem that is responsible for confirming and writing transactions to the MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network.

Accredited investors will be given the opportunity to purchase a “Node License” for a node of Optherium infrastructure, either in its entirety or as a portion. In essence, investors are supporting a piece of the Ecosystem’s infrastructure and, in return, availing themselves to participation in a 25% dividend distribution program. To participate in the 25% dividend distribution program, an investor must be a node holder or part of a group purchasing an entire node.

A total of 18 nodes are being offered for licensure at a value of US $8,400,000 per node, at a price of US $0.75 per token. The smallest available portion of a node licensure is 1/13 of a node with a value of US $647,000.

In addition to participating in a share of the dividend pool, the node holder will be responsible for a small yearly maintenance fee charged by the company to maintain the hardware and functionality of each node. The maintenance fee will be deducted from the dividend payment the node holder receives each year using a smart contract.

Node holders will be restricted from selling OPEX™ tokens for one year, followed by a requirement to maintain the initial number of tokens, or the initial value of the node in dollars, to continue to participate in the dividend payments.

The value of the node holder’s OPEX™ tokens may increase as demand for OPEX™ tokens increases, which is the intended result of its role as a facilitator token. This makes it an ideal option to serve the interests of passive investors.

Optherium’s Whitelist token sale

Optherium’s Whitelist token sale begins VERY SOON and offers OPEX™ tokens at a steep discount. The Whitelist price of OPEX™ is just $0.75 per token with a 20 percent bonus, effectively discounting the price to $0.60 per coin. The minimum investment for the Whitelist sale is $10,000. A subsequent pre-sale will be held at a date to be determined, in which OPEX™ will be priced at $0.85 per token with a 10 percent bonus. The Whitelist sale is the best opportunity to get OPEX™ tokens at their lowest price.

Once the main sale begins at a date to be determined, OPEX™ tokens will be listed at a substantially higher rate of $1 each. This early bird offer is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor, snapping up OPEX™ for well below their anticipated listing price. To find out more about Optherium’s Whitelist sale, subscribe for updates and information at, and feel free to ask your questions in Optherium Club at

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