What is the function of an Optherium Token — OPEX™?

The OPEX™ token is a multi-function token designed specifically to cater to the needs of an Optherium Ecosystem user. The primary role of OPEX™ is to act as a facilitator token within the Optherium Ecosystem, eWallet services, B2C and B2B platforms, and the Multi-Decentralized™ Digital Currency Exchange.

Three OPEX™ Functions in the Ecosystem:

1. As a Facilitator Token, OPEX™ will serve as an internal liquidity reserve token for the formation of digital-currency pairs with up to 150 digital currencies, permitting rapid internal conversion between currencies in response to user requests.

How does it work: When a currency is listed on the Optherium Decentralized Currency Exchange, it is immediately paired with OPEX™. Trading one currency for another requires a specific trading pair be created. OPEX™ acts as a junction between any two tokens so that a token can be instantly converted to another token by using OPEX™. The exchange will support up to 150 different digital currencies.

2. As a Security Token, OPEX™ provides licenses for Optherium nodes. License holders will receive the right to participate in the distribution of the company’s profits.
How does it work: 25% of the company’s net profit will be distributed among owners of 18 nodes. The cost of one node starts at $ 8.4 million. It is also possible to purchase 1/13 nodes for $ 646,000. Learn more about opportunities for Node Holders

3. As a Utility Token, OPEX™ will be used to pay for Optherium Services including the KYC service, the KRS service, and the Digital Data Vault service by any user or client wishing to integrate these services into their platform.
How does it work: Optherium, as a Blockchain-as-a-service Provider creates opportunities for enterprises to have a private-labeled product built for them within the Ecosystem.

Learn more about Optherium White label solutions for businesses

What are the future projections of the OPEX™ Token?

Optherium expects to generate revenue from the Optherium Ecosystem, eWallet, and B2C customers, and subsequently add revenue from B2B and e-commerce customers. Finally,Optherium expects to add revenue from the projected high transaction volume of the Digital Currency Exchange, which will offer services to Optherium Ecosystem users as well as external customers.