My Radiation Overdose in Corfu Greece
Ken Lewis

I saw this shared on facebook, and re-read the article twice, and your other one.. As a native from Corfu living in the US and being there every summer I always thought.. wow security companies must be fast to respond with so many alarms set up.. meanwhile every other service is so slow on the island.

I hope UNESCO gets involved and penalizes the parties involved.

The greed of the landlord by putting your health at risk, the neighbours and everyone else in the surrounding area is just…. beyond disbelief and stupid.

WTF doesn’t even describe any of this.

Putting peoples health at risk meanwhile the island itself has more than enough facilities to host repeaters and cell towers but taking this short cut to put peoples health at risk should be punished.

I like how now the landlords story has changed and is controlling the on/off section of this.

Besides this ordeal, I hope you are having a good time in Corfu, and the view is magical.

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