A lesson in customer service

Dear Giant Company,

I know I don’t matter, but if I choose to continue using your service, do not charge me extra money to continue using your service that I pay monthly for.

SEAN CLARK(10:54:58): If we have to set a single date, make it the 28th
Yoany(10:55:03): Sure. So you want to move the 28th?

SEAN CLARK(10:55:09): right

Yoany(10:55:14): Whattime?

SEAN CLARK(10:55:31): all day, so do 1–5pm for your girl to come out

Yoany(10:56:21): Might be a guy.

SEAN CLARK(10:56:34): Either way

Yoany(10:56:54): Did not want to disappoint. lol Your order number is XXXXXXXXX

SEAN CLARK(10:57:29): Thanks! I use girl/guy interchangeably when I don’t know the gender.

Yoany(10:57:35): There is a set up fee of $80, but I will chop that in half.

SEAN CLARK(10:57:48): Can you get rid of that alltogether? we are chosing to stay with your company…

Yoany(10:58:08): Wish I could, but I can not. Half off is the best I can offer. Everything will stay the same.

Yoany(10:58:23): And we are glad you are choosing to stay with us. It is a great choice.

SEAN CLARK(10:58:40): But you give discounts for new customers? Why am I getting punished for being a valued long term customer?

Yoany(10:58:45): I can break the $40 up into 3 charges for you of $13.34 over the first 3 bills to help.

SEAN CLARK(10:59:01): Haha, it’s still the same charge

SEAN CLARK(10:59:10): I get it, i’m a nobody in your giant company
Yoany(10:59:25): You are not punished. You are getting new customer rates now, and will keep them.

Yoany(10:59:45): $45 off per month on the best internet service around is awesome.

Yoany(10:59:55): You will not find it anywhere else.

SEAN CLARK(11:00:14): Thanks. Yea let’s split it over 3 months

Yoany(11:00:24): I’m glad I was able to help you today. Do you have any other questions?

SEAN CLARK(11:00:40): Just please send a message along to anyone that might care, that it’s a shame you’re charging me extra money to CONTINUE using Verizon

Yoany(11:01:50): It requires that we have a technician out to your new residence to hook this service up. It costs money to roll a truck out, and cost more to have the work done. $40 to do that is cheaper then most if not all to hook you service up.

SEAN CLARK(11:02:57): I get that, people need to get paid. But I pay $600 a year

Yoany(11:03:02): I will be happy to forward your comments to the appropriate management team for further review.

We always welcome feedback from our customers and we appreciate your comments. We apologize for any difficulties you have experienced.

We constantly review our processes and procedures to determine where we can improve upon the Verizon customer experience. Customer feedback is vital to our business. Thank you for taking the time to offer your comments.

SEAN CLARK(11:03:30): Thanks please do

Yoany(11:03:35): You’re welcome.