What Can Your Body’s Biological Clock Do to Your Health?

Have you ever wondered that everything in nature follows a pattern?

For example, most flowers will bloom in spring and wither away in winter.

If we follow the natural laws and take the advantage of these natural patterns, we can create an abundant life of everything.

Same as our body, if we follow the natural cycle of our body to work and rest, we can take good care of this delicate engine called thebodyto give it a maximum power. In order to understand the natural cycle of the body, let’s first talk about the meridian systems in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Before we get into the biological clock of the body, I like you to imagine that our body is like a manufactory, there are many production lines passing through the body. These production lines for energy are called meridian channels in our body according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine. These production lines carry the energy to supply the blood and nutrients throughout the body. They form the web just like a network and interact with one another smoothly just like the cars running on the highways, any traffic jam or accident will stop the traffic, in another word; it can cause energetic blockages in the body, which is defined as illnesses according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine. In order to prevent the traffic jam, the brain — the headquarter has to design a sophisticated timeline for each part of the body to follow.

The idea of a biological clock in the body may sound like a metaphor, but there is actually a very distinct brain region that is functioning as a watcher for a time. It is an area called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (or SCN), located right above the point in the brain where the optic nerve fibers cross.

Just like the natural cycle of plants, our body also follows a natural cycle throughout the day. Our ancestors studied this biological clock in our body thousands of years ago and laid out strategic plans to boost our health and vitality by working with this internal clock.

Today we begin to understand more about how the internal organs interact with one another and follow a certain pattern to perform multiple functions systemically, such as producing certain hormones and adjusting the body temperature.

To learn how each organ follows a specific timeline to reach their peak performance so you can take advantage of it,
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