The Problem

It’s obvious that there’s a problem with the economy today. It seems all the experts have different ideas and thoughts as to how to fix the financial world, which is fixing business. This is a global problem and it’s most certainly a people problem since businesses are made up of people. If Einstein was right, in that the thinking that got us into this mess can’t get us out of it, then what exactly did he mean? What is wrong with our thinking?

The problem lies in that our minds are cluttered with “what ifs” and “stories”. Our minds are doing this all the time. Every thought we have usually has a story associated with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a negative, positive or neutral thought. For example we get a pain in our stomach and there’s a negative story going on inside our mind. “What if this is cancer? My father died of colon cancer. I should get this checked out… etc. etc.” Or it could be a positive thought…”We’re going to have a baby. I’ve got so much to do now. Get the baby’s room ready. Shop for baby things… and on and on. So you see with every thought there is a story.

Whether we’re relaxing at home or burning the midnight oil at work our mind’s stories never stop. In fact, so much so, that they become cluttered with “stuff”. In other words we never give our mind a rest. With all this going on it’s no wonder scientists claim we only use about 10% of our brain’s capacity. There’s just no time to utilize any more. Since business and people are synonymous, then clear thinking or what I like to call mindful or optimal thinking isn’t possible. We see a colleague we dislike and the stories start so our concentration to optimize a work task diminishes. Workplaces are full of stress, which are really nothing more then a bunch of people with negative stories, flowing constantly through their minds. Stress breeds more stress, stories breed more stories and on it goes.Until we learn to clear our minds of all this clutter it will be difficult to see our way through to solving our personal/business problems. There is a solution.

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