Optimally Organic Offers Raw Cacao Beans with Highly Nutritious Ingredients

Optimally Organic, Inc, a natural supplement and organic food supplier helping people fight with nutritional deficiency with the most sustainable harvested superfoods in the world, brings the best shopping offers on pure and organic shelled cacao beans to serve nutrition seekers with a better sense of well-being. These beans have a rich aromatic flavor coming from their in habitation in a sustainable forest area of Bali. The shelled cacao beans are packaged by Optimally Organic in its raw and organic form so that buyers can have highly nutritious and delectable source of chocolate. With cold processed and pure Cacao beans from Balinese forest in 2LBs packs, people can fill in their nutritional deficiency if any. And it would cost them around $50.99 per pack which will progressively reduce with an increased number of purchases.

It is true that the shelled Cacao beans from Bali forest are filled in antioxidants and can supercharge people when taken along with daily drink, milk or smoothies. They smell wonderful and take up the flavor characteristic of some exotic spices and fruits including nutmeg, clove, vanilla and banana that are seen growing in the same forest area where they grow. These Cacao Beans contain many useful nutrients in their unadulterated form and Optimally Organic wants people to trap their benefits without paying more. It has come up with super saving offers so that Balinese Cacao beans shoppers can earn as much as 10% discount on purchase of six packs at a time. This savings offer is available to them with the best possible nutrition advantage of wild harvested and sustainable firmed Cacao Beans from Balinese forest. So, all those looking for an affordable and nutritious supplement with wonderful flavor can take up this chance and make their body energized with a rich source of easily absorb-able enzymes.

“Our shelled Cacao beans are harvested beyond sustainable faming and fair trade practices. We assure you the advantage of environmental and cold processing in collaboration with small size farms to shelf harvesting facilities. You can order us online to receive the truly nutritious and sustainable cacao beans from Bali food-forests at good discounts,” said a supply manager of Optimally Organic.

From antioxidants to body stimulating enzymes like endorphins, everything is present in our shelled Cacao beans. You should not miss them as they are available with remarkable health benefits at unbelievable price. Optimally Organic allows the raw beans to ripe in the Cacao pod before they are crack opened and washed out of the pulp. These beans are left to get dried in dehydration machines slowly and preserve the best source of nutrients that can be delivered to buyers over a period of 1.5 years. If you want to use the nutrients and antioxidants stored in Cacao beans for an increased sense of health and well being, start ordering with http://www.optimallyorganic.com/cacao-beans-shelled.


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