“Estoy muy feliz de contar con Optimetriks como nuestro socio de TI para nuestro esfuerzo de digitalización de ventas. Aprecio su reactividad en el despliegue de soluciones de software que son relevantes para nosotros, que producen los datos analíticos correctos para comprender nuestra distribución a un nivel granular, ya sea de vendedores de campo o minoristas. Han podido operar de manera eficiente en los seis países de África Occidental, independientemente de sus particularidades”.

Ziobeieton Yeo, Gerente General Africa Oeste, Director Ghana


Fan Milk Ghana (FMG) es una empresa familiar en Ghana, África con más de 50 años en el mercado…

La groupe Gaselia a été fondé en 2002 à Bamako, au Mali. L’entreprise est spécialisée dans la production de boissons non alcoolisées telles que l’eau minérale (marque Assinie) et les boissons gaseuses, via les marques Monarch (Planet, Bubble Up, etc.). L’entreprise s’est ensuite développée en Côte d’Ivoire et plus récemment en Guinée. Elle emploie 800 personnes et s’est étendue à l’ensemble de la chaîne de valeur, de la production de bouteilles en plastique PET à la distribution directe au sein d’un réseau de 200 grossistes approvisionnant environ 10 000 détaillants. …

How digital disruption in emerging markets is helping to solve Value Chain inefficiencies in the Traditional Trade?

In many emerging economies, traditional trade stores are vital not just as a channel opportunity for consumer goods companies, but also, as support of millions of households that enables economic dynamism. In the report ‘Staying ahead of the B2B ecosystem disruption in emerging Asia’ Mckinsey & Company analyzed how consumer goods companies in Asian emerging markets are turning to data, analytics, and digital solutions to realize value in traditional trade. This article summarizes the report and highlights the main takeaways from it.


Being able to properly identify your customers is the cornerstone of a successful and rigorous go to market strategy. It lays out the foundation on which you can afterwards perform a segmentation of the outlets, define the territories, the sales infrastructure required to cover this territory, in terms of distributors, sales rep, etc. Traditional trade in Africa is made up of small shops that operate on small capitalisation, and can therefore go bankrupt, or close because of seasonality effect (agents closing to go harvesting for example). While some companies will contract an external agency to do a one-time census exercise…

Thanks to the new sales force automation enabling to collect granular data, consumer goods distribution is becoming more and more data-driven. As such, it can be managed more scientifically, thanks to the use of the right KPIs. Defining the right KPIs to measure and ensure you are measuring them well and consistently represents a key success factor in a successful commercial activity. Below is a list of KPIs that can be useful to track the performance, as a reference. Pick the ones that make sense based on your sector/activity.

Field Force Visit:

  • Daily visits (calls) per sales representative = total…

Mobile Money services offer a successful value proposition for customers because of the widespread presence of their agents, offering liquidity services to end customers through cash in/deposits and cash out/withdrawals. That implies to have the operational capacity to recruit, train and ensure the quality of thousands of small agents across the country. While there has already been some literature on how to properly achieve this (see links at the bottom), we want to emphasize in this article what the adoption of a digital tool such as FieldPro can provide.

Looking at the structure

To refer to our distribution structure schema, managing a mobile agent…

“Je suis très heureux d’avoir Optimetriks comme partenaire informatique dans notre effort de digitalisation des ventes. J’apprécie leur réactivité dans le déploiement de solutions logicielles pertinentes, qui produisent les bonnes données analytiques pour comprendre notre distribution à un niveau granulaire, au niveau des vendeurs de rue ou des détaillants. Ils ont su également répliquer la solution dans nos six opérations d’Afrique de l’Ouest en un temps record.”

Ziobeieton Yeo, Directeur Général Afrique de l’Ouest, Fan Milk


Danone a acquis une participation majoritaire dans Fan Milk Ghana (FMG) en juillet 2019. Fan Milk Ghana est une marque bien connue au Ghana…


Vodacom Mozambique est le premier opérateur de réseau mobile au Mozambique, avec près de 7 millions d’abonnés GSM. Leur service de mobile money, M-Pesa, constitue un pilier stratégique afin de diversifier leurs revenus et de fidéliser leur clientèle. A l’instar du Kenya, le compte M-Pesa est lié à un numéro de téléphone Vodacom qui permet de stocker et d’envoyer de l’argent, d’acheter du crédit téléphone, de payer des factures, etc.

L’un des défis liés à la construction d’un écosystème de mobile money est la sensibilisation des nouveaux clients. Alors que le concept est déjà connu en Afrique de l’Est et…

Our new release (v2.5) is out with some exciting features:

1. Share recap of a transaction

2. Check out from a place

3. Assign a task to another user

4. GPS Tracking (Web)

5. Custom insights for an outlet

6. FanMilk Success Story

7. We’re Hiring

Share a Transaction Recap. Mobile

Thanks to our new sharing functionality, a sales rep or a distributor can easily share the content of a transaction with the retailer or a field vendor. This can act as a form of digital receipt to confirm a transaction between the two parties and improve trust. As a web app administrator, you can…

We were recently honoured to be given the opportunity by the French Chamber of Commerce in Kenya (https://www.frenchchamber.co.ke/) to present a session on the opportunities offered by the digital to bring more efficiency on the sales operations management.

This is a relevant content for Fast Moving Consumer companies which need to sell their goods through a large distribution network, and want to tap into the power of digital to bring more efficiency to their sales operations.

The session is structured as follows:

  • Introduction by Pierre Chaumont on the FMCG distribution landscapre in terms of challenges assessment and best practices
  • 6…


FieldPro — Field Force Automation

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