State of Retail in Nairobi : what does a duka look like ?

State of Retail in Nairobi : what does a duka look like ?

As Optimetriks, we have conducted a proprietary census of all the outlets in Nairobi. It took us 2 months, a large number of missions from our contributors, to identify 70,000 outlets through which habitants of Nairobi buy their products daily.

There will be a couple of blog posts related to this work to give you a more precise idea of what is the retail in Nairobi. This first one is to give you a snapshot of what the shops look like. For the census we have collected the key information, GPS coordinates, products categories sold, shop types, and the pictures, that we want to show here.

The most frequent shop type is the duka (shop in swahili). For those not familiar with the name, in East Africa, the duka refers to the smallest permanent shop unit. It is not a table or a kiosk, but not a concrete structure.

To illustrate this definition, see our selection of pictures of dukas.

The FMCGs that want to succeed in delivering products to the bottom of pyramid need to master that channel, understand what they need and how to serve them efficiently. If needed, we are here to help !











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