Have you got a multi-select custom field in Copper, and you are struggling to update it via Zapier? That’s because Zapier’s integration with Copper doesn’t support that behaviour. That’s right — it’s not currently possible, at least not the easy way.

So how are you going to get your Copper data updating automatically then? This post will tell you how. Maybe you have forms that your customers are filling out, which contain multi-select options which you want to see in Copper. Or perhaps you have multi-select fields in Airtable which you want to be in Copper as well. …

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The world of data tools is quickly becoming more accessible. Which is great news for us! At Optimi, we love working with people who create positive impact in the world, and we would love to see more of these folks using data to take their impact to the next level.

So we’ve written a guide on how you can combine two free tools to centralise your data and draw valuable insights from it. Airtable is a very user-friendly platform for centralising and storing your data, and Google Data Studio adds massive data visualisation power.

This blog post is for you…

Rhythms. The regular gathering rhythms of a team. If culture is the blood, then rhythms are the beating heart, pumping fresh cultural ideas through the team’s arteries.

There’s more to rhythms than meets the eye. More than just adding regularity to our days. More than just syncing up as a team. More than carving out regular time for us to be together.

Let’s talk about how rhythms make space: space for teams to grow, space to find answers, space to form healthy cultural habits and do it all sustainably. …

As a self-managing company with a flat structure, we’ve got plenty to learn from looking at traditional management styles. While we’re not interested in top-down hierarchical management at Optimi, we’ve found inspiration in tradition. A good traditional manager can look into the future, inspire everyone, make clear decisions, ensure work gets done, take care of people… and more. So how can we apply those good things to our work as a self-managing team? This blog tells the story of how we’re co-opting management skills for our self-management practice, and what we’re learning along the way.

People care and motivation

He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata! …

Why does the question process work so well? … it forces us to confront how we actually live our values every day.

— Marshall Goldsmith

Kia ora! Rupert here from Optimi. We wrote something recently about how we use accountability questions as a self-managing team. People wanted more, asking to see more examples of our accountability questions. So now it’s time for a follow-up. I want to give you everything you need to start making your own questions! This is a great step into finding your own value in self-management, and living by that value every day.


Accountability questions are useful if you…

How we created a robust multi-tier subscription model on a shoestring

One of our jobs at Optimi is to run systems and processes for Enspiral. Enspiral is a collaborative network of people, groups and ventures that helps people to do meaningful work. The operations behind the Enspiral network is a beautiful and complex organism to wrangle. Its membership base of ca. 160+ individuals and how their subscriptions are handled continually evolves. With every turn and twist in the network’s evolution, we’re there with creative and inexpensive ways to back it up with technical support. Enspiral after all is on a social mission to help people do more work on the stuff that matters, as I’m sure many other social enterprises would want to do. …

Hi! Rupert here from Optimi. We were lucky to work with a wonderful self-management consultant recently, named Susan Basterfield.

Susan facilitated a workshop which helped us to build a coherent picture of our work, and helped us to stay connected to each other in accountability to that work. So now we don’t need a dedicated manager to hold us accountable. What an awesome outcome!

Perhaps you’re interested in self management too. Maybe you’ve got to the point of knowing what your work is, but you’re struggling with the accountability part. I’d like to share the story of Susan’s workshop with you, so you can see how we got past the accountability challenge. …

Hi! Rupert here from Optimi, writing again about our work with Enspiral Dev Academy (see previous blog post here). Enspiral Dev Academy is a pioneer in New Zealand’s education space, offering a hands-on, holistic learning experience at their full immersion web development school.

As we mentioned in the previous blog post, Dev Academy is at the beginning of their journey with Airtable, but they have seen some significant benefits so far just by using Airtable’s basic features. Now we’re going to look into a more advanced Airtable workflow problem that we had to solve: financial visibility. …

TL;DR: We know that many businesses outgrow their spreadsheets — they aren’t always great for complex information needs. Using an awesome tool called Airtable, we found a way to re-think spreadsheet data for better insights, better organisation and better usability for different team members.

Hi! Rupert here from Optimi. We love optimising businesses for the better, especially when those businesses are making the world a better place. One of the businesses we work with is Enspiral Dev Academy. Dev Academy is a pioneer in New Zealand’s education space, offering a hands-on, holistic learning experience at their full immersion web development school. …



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