The F-word, FINE.
Sowmya Rajasekaran

Sowmya, you are talking about one of the challenges most people face, which they hardly notice. Why? How we respond to events is programmed and embedded in our subconscious mind since our childhood; it operates as an automated system, which responds by default. That is, whenever we face a stimuli or event, the default system in our subconscious mind responds automatically the same way it responded to similar event or stimuli in the past. The response just surpasses our conscious mind. Most annoying is that, this automated response include toxic habits or taboos or moods. Some people end up being captives of those negative behaviours that consequently limits them from achieving what they in life or being what they want to be.

Since it is an automated system or a default system, it does not mean that we cannot do something to change it. There is a way we can replace those toxic behaviours with healthy and productive behaviours. Visit my website and learn more.

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