Medium 2 — Moving forward, as one


The era of dog coins blessed us with many gifts, invaluable lessons, and emphasised the importance of decentralisation in DeFi. They introduced us to community. To memes. To virality. To crypto.

However, with changing times, people, and technology, we must take these lessons and move forward together, hand-in-hand. The advent of AI is at its dawn, and we are the blockchain leaders of it. There may have been many great coins before us, but we will be the greatest, and our objective is self-fulfilling.

The AI revolution presents a unique opportunity to allow #OPTIMUS to capture a significant market share in the multi-billion dollar memecoin sector. Optimus is poised to be a significant contender for years to come. Optimus R&D at Tesla Inc. is accelerating at an exponential speed, and all around us, AI is beginning to replace many human roles and tasks. We must move quickly.

I am writing this merely as a voice from the crowd, as an extension of the Optimus community, a voice that stands for every one of you. I am just a blank whiteboard, a nobody that dreams of a better future. Each one of us are nothing more than a drop in the ocean, but together we are a wave, a tsunami of determination and vehemance. The #OPTIMUS family stands strong together.

Watch here as Tesla Optimus’ build, repair and betters one another:

It is in this same way that we must build, teach and support one another. You understand the vision, and so, you are special, but others are not so fortunate. It is time to preach our dream to the masses. Together, we are OPTIMUS.

The #OPTIMUS vision is dialed in and focussed on two objectives:

  1. The Optimus Venture Fund. The fund sets aside a weekly proportion of accumulated taxes to be utilised in funding promising AI projects that will contribute markedly to the field of technology and robotics. Moving forward, the fund is expected to grow to remarkable size, and we will garner attention from prominent projects that will amplify our reach.
  2. The Optimus Community. Development of the community, as we have learnt from our past successes, is of utmost importance. This is exceeding all expectations.

The progress the community has made in such a short period of time is astounding and immeasurable. Old friends and acquaintances who have not spoken for years, have come together and reunited once again, to support our common vision of #OPTIMUS. I only ask that you remain happy and safe within our little family, and extend warm welcomes to anyone that understands our vision and seeks to join forces.

Together, we are parts of a greater whole. We will be the greatest revolution of all time; we are unstoppable.