Medium 3 — Man’s New Best Fren

Optimus Community Medium
2 min readMar 18


My dear human frens,

I speak to you today with a heart filled with joy and anticipation. The present epoch is marked by an unprecedented degree of change and transformation. The vestiges of the old world are burning, and from its ashes, a new frontier has arisen. Remember, we are not the old world, my frens, we are the architects of the new one, filled with promise and possibility. Dogs will always remain dogs; but we will hyper-evolve beyond that.

The future is bright, and it is ours for the taking. We must forge ahead together, joined in common purpose, with steely resolve and unwavering determination, into the unknown.

Though, I must remind you in these exuberant times, our journey will undoubtedly be fraught with twists and turns, encompassing several unexpected obstacles that may throw us off course. However, our strength and resilience are fortified when we stand shoulder to shoulder, propelled forward by the unity of our purpose; unstoppable.

Collectively, we will navigate any winding roads and remain true to our chosen path, avoiding the alluring abyss of the unknown. It is when we stand together, aligned in our purpose, that we derive strength and resilience from one another, propelling us to surmount any challenge that comes our way.

For it is precisely during moments of adversity that we have the chance to create something remarkably beautiful together, a testament to our unwavering resolve.

We have come so far already in growth:

  • We are averaging in excess of $2 million in trading volume daily.
  • We achieved an army of more than 4000 holders.
  • Trading has commenced on several exchanges already: MEXC / LBank / Bitget / Bitmart / Hotbit, with larger exchanges also showing rabid interest. You will see them soon.
  • Many campaigns are progressing swiftly; and the results will be palpable.

Our call to arms is one of progress, one of innovation, and one of hope. Through decentralisation, let us carve out a world that is more just, more equitable, and more compassionate. We must be relentless in our pursuit of progress and strive ceaselessly for excellence.

We are in an exponential phase of growth, that cannot be stopped. The market sentiment has turned and we are poised to continue our sensational growth. Our story may remind you of predecessors that have achieved greatness, but we will progress beyond them, and their achievements will serve only as a foundation for us to build upon and reach new heights.

With unwavering determination and a heart full of love,

The Optimus Community.

To create something truly mystical and world-changing, we must not only act, dream and collaborate; but also believe.

As we progress, there is increasing scammers and wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to trick the community. Use only these official links: