Medium 4 — Fueling the Rocket

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3 min readMar 26


Dear human frens,

It is with great pleasure that we reflect on the incredible journey we have embarked on since our monumental run-up over two weeks ago. Our community and token have expanded substantially during this period of consolidation, as we establish ourselves firmly at this new level.

Optimus is much more than ‘Elon’s robot’; whilst that is an tagline is fitting, we are establishing ourselves as a future blue-chip based on our own merits and achievements.

As time passes, it becomes increasingly challenging to contain the excitement we feel about the myriad of developments happening behind the scenes. Much of which requires complex due diligence, contracts and financial agreements, but this Medium post is our way of sharing our excitement with you, our community.

Some vague, dampened description of things happening:

  • A focus on advanced discussions with two Tier 1 centralised exchanges (CEXs), undergoing a review and due-diligence phase, that would significantly increase investment accesibility by the public.
  • A flagship and monumental agreement/collaboration, pending contractual agreements 🚀
  • Partnerships with content creators, and strategies for broader public outreach.
  • Utilities focused on community engagement and solidarity, all announced alongside a V2 white-paper and website.

Additionally, we will shortly announce the first investment (and likely partnership) from the Vision fund. You may be surprised at the faces and the connections you find to prominent people and projects once this is officially announced!

Preparing for Mainstream

As a result of organic token unlocks, we acquired a substantial marketing budget in the multi seven-figure range. This development has enabled us to explore a vast array of new and previously unattainable opportunities.

The scope of many of these things has enormous implications and will attract broad attention, with many moving parts that must go through multiple stages of approval and due diligence. Therefore, we won’t give timeframes; some things may be days away, while others may take a little longer.

Sharing Our Knowledge

By a stroke of chance, you were lucky enough to stumble upon us. However, others are less fortunate, or perhaps they are more negligent to change and new opportunities. It is the responsibility of each one of us reading this, to preach the word to any ear that ought to listen. After all, we are here and thus recognise greatness in the making — why not bring loved ones along and make our journey more enjoyable?

Our Vision

Optimus has, and always will, embody fairness, decentralisation and transparency. In the emerging world of artificial intelligence, we strive to become and pinnacle of innovation and community; the two key infallible drivers behind any cryptocurrency. As such, we welcome your feedback and critiques and will continue to improve every day. By doing so, we remain decentralised and community-focused; you are not investing in us, but in yourself.

I am overjoyed to be united with you under the umbrella of our shared vision; dogs may have been mans best friend, but innovation has its limits. Together, we will build Optimus to be the central hub for transformation and revolution in the space of decentralised finance.

Remember, we are first, and many imposters will follow that present as sheep in wolves’ clothing, attempting to mimic our successes. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. They will come and go faster than the blink of eye. We, however, will remain, and we will create a lasting legacy that transcends the tests of time.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and we have barely encroached the first step.

Let us march boldly into the future, hand in (metal) hand. And with hope and determination, let us work towards our shared goals.

Warmest wishes,

The Optimus Community.

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