‘Optimus to the Moon’ — Acquiring Mission Helios & Launching First Satellite Imagery Web-3 Collection

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5 min readMay 25


Optimus Vision Fund joins forces with Mission Helios to release the first satellite imagery NFT collection onboard Sidus Space which will be deployed to orbit via Space-X in Q4 2023 through a pre-existing contractual agreement between Mission Helios & Sidus Space.


  • Optimus Token LLC and Optimus Vision Fund acquires Mission Helios for an undisclosed sum.
  • Mission Helios has an agreement with Sidus Space, which will launch an Imager attached to a satellite into space onboard a Space-X Transporter 9 Rocket (Nov-Oct estimate)
  • Optimus Token LLC has purchased the copyright to the images acquired from the camera on-board the satellite, which will be used to generate a first-of-its-kind NFTs from space through the community-named imager.
  • Optimus Token LLC lead community members will experience the launch of the rocket live, in-person at Cape Canaveral, Florida & stream the launch for the rest of the community.
  • Helios Token is now void; all current holders have been snapshot, and they can send their tokens in for an equivalent value $OPTIMUS airdrop and join the Optimus community. Instructions below.

Embrace the Future with Optimus AI as We Reach for the Moon and Usher in a New Era of Web3 Technology.


As fellow visionaries and pioneers, we invite you to share in the excitement of our ground-breaking venture at Optimus AI. With our collective passion and the support of the Optimus Vision Fund, we are embarking on a breath-taking journey to launch the first Satellite Imagery NFT collection onboard a real satellite deployed into orbit from a Space-X Transporter 9 rocket. Cementing our position at the forefront of our industry and taking Optimus to the moon, both figuratively and literally.

Our voyage into the cosmos is made possible through a strategic acquisition with Helios, a once-prominent cryptocurrency. By unifying the old with the new, we are offering Helios token holders the opportunity to send in their tokens for an equivalent value airdrop of $OPTIMUS (this snapshot has already been taken, so buying the old Helios token is redundant). This symbolic act represents our commitment to innovation while acknowledging the importance of our roots in the rapidly evolving world of web3.

To be eligible for the equivalent $OPTIMUS airdrop, please send Helios tokens to this address: 0x514FB034434DF2310170E121e0d8F473E930ee5b

With an existing partnership between Mission Helios and Sidus Space (formerly Craig Technologies), a prestigious satellite company, we are set to launch the imager to space via SpaceX between October and November of 2023, unless changed by Space-X. As the momentous day approaches, we promise to keep our valued community of investors and supporters updated with the latest details and engagements.

As we embark on this monumental journey, we at Optimus AI feel profoundly honored to support and finish the first Web-3 collaborative space mission. This unique privilege will empower us to create the first-ever Web3 NFTs from space — capturing high-definition imagery of our planet and the surrounding galaxy. The camera uses AI to optimize its output. The final strategy for the NFT utility has yet to be released……

These images captured will contain unique phenomenon, geographical, environmental and historical data about the location as captured by the satellite. Further details about this opportunity will be unveiled soon, and we cannot wait to share them with our ever-growing community.

Technical Points

  • Roaming LEO (Low Earth Orbit) for 3–5 years, we will be hand-picking the best images from Earth, from North to South Pole daily.
  • The Satellite Imager will capture 16 sunsets and 16 sunrises everyday, meaning the satellite travels the globe every 90 minutes.
  • Pre-programmable settings in the software allows only images of land and avoids cloudy areas using artificial intelligence.
  • Everyday, images get downloaded to our database, and the best quality ones will be handpicked and minted into our utility.
  • Launch will happen in Space-X launch station in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
  • Launch can be streamed via Twitch/YouTube.
  • Images generated for NFTs will be exclusive to Optimus TokenLLC. with its own copyright, therefore no other person will be able to use these images.

Our Satellite Imagery Space endeavor is a pivotal part of the ‘Optimus to the Moon’ campaign, which include AI Day — an event where the inimitable Elon Musk is expected to discuss Optimus at length.

Initially, Sidus secured a contract with NASA for the satellite launch. However, in a strategic move highlighting the significance of our project, the contract has transitioned to Space-X, which is more than exciting.


Members of the team and community will be present at the Space-X launch site in Florida for the launch, witnessing firsthand the exhilarating moment when our newest product ascends into the cosmos.

The purchase of Helios serves as an inspiring reminder that are always building and expanding, just like the universe we aim to capture.

With Optimus AI, the future is ours to create. Let’s make history, together.

If you are a Helios token holder, please send your tokens here within 1 week of this announcement, to receive an equivalent value $OPTIMUS airdrop (at the time of airdrop):


Please be advised that the “Optimus” Satellite Imagery Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Collection is an independent project, which is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (SpaceX), its subsidiaries, or affiliates. The launch of the “Optimus” Satellite Imagery NFT Collection is facilitated by Sidus Space as the chosen launch provider. The contractual relationship for the satellite launch exists directly between Sidus Space and Mission Helios LLC.

The usage of the Space-X name and any references to it in our materials or communications are strictly for informational purposes, intended to denote the deployment vehicle for the satellite. No claims are made or implied regarding SpaceX’s endorsement, sponsorship, or direct involvement in the “Optimus” project, nor should any such endorsement, sponsorship, or involvement be inferred.

Any potential confusion or misunderstanding arising from the use of the SpaceX name or logo is unintended and coincidental. The “Optimus” project team makes no claim to the SpaceX brand, its logo, or its intellectual property.

All rights and trademarks of SpaceX remain the property of Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

The “Optimus” project team is committed to respect and acknowledge the rights and trademarks of all external entities.