What can you learn from your Email Campaign Reports.

With the correct implementation email marketing is prominent among the most quantifiable marketing mediums available.

For each campaign, you can track how many people opened it, what number of clicked, precisely where in the email they clicked, what they did on your website, and how much income each campaign generated for you.

However, with such a great amount of data already available, it can be difficult to recognize what’s critical and what isn’t, and how to understand the information and utilize it enhance your future campaigns.

To help you out, this article will explain why keeping a report of your email campaigns is essential, bring out to you the analytics you ought to think about and give you enhanced outcomes.

Few things to learn from Email Campaign Reports:

Analyzing your Email Campaign report is prominent amongst an essential perspective during the time spent in lead generation. You can utilize the email report to ponder the success or failure of the campaign, through different analytics accessible in the report. You utilize this technique to take in the different analytics and parameters of the email campaign reports.

A must have components in the report:

• Click-through Rate

• Conversion Rate

• Bounce Rate

• List Growth Rate

• Email Sharing/Forwarding Rate

• Overall ROI

Key Things to Focus On:

The subject line: Good and simple subject line will increase open rates.

• Alt-text tags: Requires Alt-Text Tag for each image in the email template.

Preview pane: Require that the e-mail’s whole message be summed up in one or two sentences at the top of the e-mail so that it shows through the preview pane.

Call to action: Specify where the call-to-action message should go and how often it should be repeated in the message.

Your event or Dealer name: It would be better to include dealer name in the “from” Address to make a valid delivery.


The primary concern here is be focused on which measurements you’re following, and ensure you’re ready for viable measure your individual email execution, the strength of your email list, and your progress toward your overall objectives. If you are able to determine the objectives, rectify the mistakes and not repeating it in the next email campaign, you’re destined for success for more powerful email marketing.

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