Fearless Design Style: Statement Furniture

From contemporary and Neoclassical styles to Colonial architecture and Mediterranean abodes, there’s a myriad of design aesthetics that can be applied to decorating or remodeling your home. Some fashions require the complete harmony of upholstery and accent pieces, while others marvel in the chaotic fusion of assorted colors and textures. Preference aside, statement pieces that scream “look-at-me,” will have your design sweet-tooth begging for more.

Items like the Marlow Wing Chair in Bella Bayoux, are perfect for nabbing the spotlight of your living space. Don’t be afraid to go bold and let your statement piece stand out. If every furnishing or decorative article of your room is overly eye-catching, then it makes these special items lose their appeal. The furniture around your statement piece should be less ornate. As a result, your room will assume a striking aesthetic and appear larger in size.

Juxtaposition is key when designing around your statement piece. Take into consideration some particulars about the sofa or your chair you designate to be nucleus of the room. Looking at the Marlow Wing Chair, for instance, ask yourself is it vintage or contemporary? Is the construction wood-framed or a fabric? If it flaunts geometric patterns, use simple, organic pieces to compliment its vivid pattern. Likewise, if your decorative chair dons a dark pigmentation, surrounding it with lighter, less saturated colors to really give it some pop.

You can highlight the bayoux hue of your Marlow Wing Chair by incorporating specs of blue into your accent pieces. Mixing different patterns in no longer a faux pas, but rather can add a layer of chic appeal to your space. A patterned statement piece, for example, can live harmoniously with contrasting patterned accent pieces. Experiment and play around with the different design elements to truly capture a look that speaks to you.