Introducing Optonaut — A VR Camera for iOS

After the release of the amazing Google Cardboard Camera yesterday, we felt it is a good time to tell you a bit more about the iOS beta of Optonaut. Our vision is to make it easy for everybody to capture and share experiences in virtual reality just using your smartphone.

Cardboard Camera is evangelising VR content creation

We’re really impressed by the recording quality of the Cardboard Camera. They are doing a great job at preserving the parallax effect while still reducing stitching errors. This is a hard problem we’ve been working on for the past year as well.

Like the Google Cardboard app itself, the Google Cardboard Camera is an important step to make virtual reality more accessible. It shows how easy it is to record VR content yourself by using a recording process similar to ours.

Sharing is important

While the Cardboard Camera is doing a very good job at making it easy to record scenes in VR, they left out a very important element: Social Sharing.

With Optonaut we’re building the next social medium of virtual reality. A good way to share content will be the key for this new type of media. That’s why we’re working on a web-based sharing feature which allows you to share and view VR scenes just inside your browser. This will work for both mobile and desktop.

Join the Beta

While these are still early days for virtual reality, we are super excited to shape the future of virtual reality together with our users. If you want to try out Optonaut on your own, please download the iOS app or sign up for the Android version.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!