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Blockchain for Entrepreneurs, Technologist and Adventurists (BETA).

Opulent-X Blockchain Realms
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Opulent-X BETA is a realm of Ethereum Layer 2 networks commissioned for opulent and robust innovations, business operations and investments, which is perfectly crafted for technology, social and business entrepreneurs.

Invest | Contribute | Innovate | Synergize

This platform would be the most rewarding one, as we crafted our roadmap and strategies with robustness in mind, which gives you opportunities to successfully kickstart and achieve your blockchain/crypto journeys and goals, respectively.

Again, we strategically roadmap the development and releases or our technology, toolkits and infrastructures to provide you with a great way to invest, contribute, innovate and synergize with this platform.

Invest — You can invest with our monetary, technology and business assets that we have developed or offered. This is the most exciting one, as we have strategically categorized our investment offerings to suit with your investment appetite.

Contribute — You could be our backer to create a more rewarding, robust and exciting blockchain realm by funding our initiatives or simply share your brain energies (expertise) with us. This is the most fulfilling one, as you will witness how your contributions contribute to the success of our noteworthy initiatives.

Innovate — You can take advantage of our toolkits & technologies to mix and match these with your innovation initiatives and see how fast you are able to create your prototype.

Synergize — Streamline your business operation with blockchain technologies by taking advantage of our blockchain infrastructures and platforms. This is the most achieving one.

About The Team

The ideas behind this platform were taken from the blockchain technologists | innovators perspectives particularly in the area of Banking and Finance, Commerce, Emerging Technologies and Security.

The core team behind this realm have more than decades of Research and Development (R&D) experiences in different disciplines of Information Technologies, particularly in Banking and Security.

The team aims to create a sustainable and opulent blockchain ecosystem not only to the domains which we are expert on, but as well to other spaces that need to be explored, discovered, developed and innovated.

With respect to security, In 2016, the team has developed the world’s first military-grade Secure Cryptographic Devices such as Bitcoin Security Module (BSM) and Ethereum Security Module (ESM).

The team are adhering | compliant with the following international standards. PCI-DSS, ISO9000 & ISO/IEC 27001.

Explore Our Blockchain Realm

Take a look at our realm ecosystem. Explore, discover and learn more about our Initial Infrastructure setup and find out what it can offer to you.

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  2. Blockchain Explorer
  3. Investment Center
  4. Realm Wallets
  5. Gas Stations



Opulent-X Blockchain Realms

An emerging global blockchain technology startup that focus on providing innovative technologies, platforms, infrastructures, and strategies