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What’s better than creating something you always wanted, with the dream-team of yours in zero time? Well, we also wouldn’t know if we weren’t part of Genεsis Team. In the context of ADandPRLAB of Panteion University in collaboration with Antenna Music, we were asked to develop our audio innovation idea…

Since it was a celebration we wanted to submit a fun and creative participation to this project !

Check out our mini animated clip here!

Out of the 10 ways that UNESCO proposed on how to celebrate Media & Information Literacy Week 2020 we chose to use social media to raise awareness about MIL in civil society.

From my ppt presentation

As a student in the department of “Communication, Media and Culture” of Panteion University, the very first assignment of “Social Issues, Social Innovation and Corporate Responsibility” course, had me thinking a lot more that i expected…

Check out our promo video here!

Are you struggling with organizing your Google Calendar? Wishing you could make your workspace portable, or have an AI all of your own? Balancing work, school and social life is hard — but Checker Plus can help! With voice-activated reminders and live notifications, you can now make instant additions to…

Χριστίνα Βασιλάκη

Studies Communication Marketing & PR in Greece

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