Hey New Hampsha!

The Granite State

There’s some claims that your state is ripe with FRAUD?!? Evidentally (without any clear evidence) the powers that be in your beautiful neck of the woods are allowing “bus-loads” of “voters” to come and pack the ballot boxes. Wow. You should all be ashamed of your state government and its level of Texas sized corruption!

Oh, wait.. ←insert sound of tele-text machine here


There’s also claims saying it’s all a load of bullshit being perpetrated by some dimwits in both the White House and on the Interweb and given creedance by phony so-called conservative groups like the John Birch Society (merely wearing a coat and tie does not give you credibility when you consistently talk out of your ass).

Well.. that’s interesting. Very, very interesting. What is this simple man to believe?

Hey New Hampsha! I have an idea… Take a minute from modding that hot-rod cah.. Get up off the stool at the local bah.. Call your mah and get out and PLEASE let the rest of us folks out here in the vast U.S.A. know what the truth really is behind this muddy affair! All of you fine American NH Reps, NH Dems, and NH Independents of the beautiful Granite State make your voices heard!!

And if it’s all just a bald faced lies — which I’m inclined to believe it is after considering the sources — then it will feel GREAT to stand up for yourselves goddammit!! If it’s true? Well.. alas.. then fuck-off and go back to fixing your cah.

God Bless America

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