In the new Cold War, Russia’s already won
Alex Whitcomb

When you really look at it it’s more of a 5 way split.. Unaffiliated / Left / Right / Non-voters / 3rd Party

But American’s have always been divided. Loyalists vs. Revolutionaries.. North vs. South.. Cowboys vs Indians.. Immigrants vs. Blue Bloods.. Ketchup vs. Mustard… Mac vs. PC.. Android vs iPhone..

Now? Politically? For me it’s Ideology vs. Integrity.

I think the Russians are mostly yet another convenient excuse for American’s who can’t face facts and badly need to feel they belong to their tribe. We didn’t need the Vlad for any of that.

Does that mean I don’t think Dumb Donald will be in an orange jumpsuit for money laundering with his thug Ruskie oligarch buddies? Nope.

But I still say quit pointing fingers. The entire red-state blue-state is a lie perpetrated by the media that people keep buying. Individually we can mostly agree. It’s within the evils of groupthink where the problem is and the propaganda and campaign slogans decide.

No. The real blame for our great divide lies solely with an idiotic 2-party system in empty suits that has fucked us all over for 35+ years and sold government to the highest bidders without ever being seriously challenged.

Reptiles and Demwits alike.

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