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OQEX Global
Mar 15 · 2 min read

OQEX Global is an cryptocurrency exchange run by OQEX Limited, one of a most trusted and long-living cryptocurrency exchanges in China Mainland. OQEX Global is supposed to provide best services not just in a home country, but to a whole world. Shared liquidity between two platforms will allow OQEX Global to attract new users by deep orderbook hosted in original OQEX.

OQEX Global exchange features

OQEX Global is registered in the UK by OQEX Global Limited. The cryptocurrency exchange has a user-friendly but quite functional interface. Various types of orders are available on the platform: limit orders, stop orders, passive orders, etc.

One of the most interesting exchange features is Converting Staking support. The technology allows users to participate in staking without purchasing PoS-coins but simply reserving any cryptocurrency that supports the betting mechanism at the current exchange rate.

The exchange has released its own OQS utility token, compatible with the ERC-20 standard, which allows its owners to receive bonuses on the OQEX platform and grants discounts on trading fees: the exchange fee paid in OQS is reduced by 25% — to 0.075%.


  • Low trading fees. As the user’s trading volumes increase, the fee will gradually decrease, which will increase the trading profitability.
  • Trading pairs with stablecoins and cryptocurrencies support.
  • High bandwidth and liquidity, which ensures fast orders processing without delays and lags.
  • Quick Deposit and withdrawal. The speed is limited only by the load on the blockchain network.
  • Prompt and high-quality user support, available 24/7.
  • Advanced user protection due to multiple security mechanisms used at once.
  • OQEX Global is backed by OQEX Limited, one of a first legally licensed exchanges in China Mainland.
  • Access to an advanced API that allows you to develop simple and effective trading strategies.

If you decide to plunge into the world of great opportunities of the cryptocurrency market, then OQEX Global will be a suitable choice. You can register on the OQEX Global exchange in a couple of clicks and immediately start trading or earn through staking.

OQEX Global

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OQEX is the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange https://oqex.io/rcode/OQEXSOC #Exchange #Cryptocurrency #Trading #Blockchain

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