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With the development of blockchain technology and the creation of a reliable ecosystem, more and more investors want to invest in a new class of assets. Common way to quickly increase equity is trading on cryptocurrency exchange. Expand your product suite through OQEX Global time-proven and stable infrastructure.

OQEX CN running since 2017 in China Mainlands and having over 2,000,000 active customers. A few months ago, OQEX CN became OQEX Global and is now open to the world. Grateful to the high liquidity on the OQEX Global exchange, we can offer investors to profit by trading at a high rate…

Liquidity is the most important aspect of a cryptocurrency exchange. It is the basis for more successful further development. But what is liquidity? In economics, this term implies the property of assets to be quickly sold at a price close to the market. Liquid directly means “convertible into money”. In other words, the term “Liquidity” can be characterized as the ability of an asset to quickly and without delay to be exchange for any other asset (real or financial — it doesn’t matter) or turn into a means of payment accepted in the global economy. …

Listing the token of your own company is a very important process. Each exchange treats this procedure differently, however we relate to listing a new token with high responsibility.

Preliminary assessment token of the project

To begin with, the organization token must meet all the requirements and conditions that are provided by us. Therefore, the project must:

  • go through the initial OQEX review;
  • have technical value and / or real application;
  • pass our risk assessment;
  • timely send updates to our team;
  • Get tested with DeepIt or Certik code.

Basic token listing procedure

Further responsibility is passed on to us. …

Сryptocurrency exchanges are regularly subject to hacks. Hackers managed to get access to the storage of even major exchanges. So safety is a top priority issue, you have to deal with as a cryptocurrency exchange. But the industry does not remain idle. Security technologies have become more advanced, and exchanges can provide a higher level of security to their customers.

Exchanges use various technologies to ensure security:

  • Multi-level protection of confidential data;
  • Cold storage of cryptocurrencies;
  • Multi-signed accounts to prevent unauthorized access;

Methods of attacks: how hackers break into cryptocurrency exchanges

According to the Block research center, hackers managed to hack 42 cryptocurrency exchanges over the past 8 years…

As cryptocurrencies spread, the issue of storage security becomes more and more pressing. To ensure security, OQEX Global provides various methods of users’ funds protection:

  • Cryptocurrency storage in the physical cold wallets;
  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Custodian services for secure storage.

When you choose the exchange first of all it is necessary to take into account its reliability: how secure users’s funds are kept. Protection of funds is a two-way operation. Therefore, the exchange must provide its customers with all the necessary tools:

  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Trading passwords (when trading derivative instruments);
  • Withdrawal confirmation with a confirmation code, etc.

OQEX Global securely stores users’ funds

The crypto exchange provides…

Cryptocurrency exchanges should offer simple and affordable solutions that are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Сryptoassets exchanges are also frequently subjected to hacks. Most cryptocurrency exchanges that are designed for beginners are simplified to the point that they cannot provide users with a high level of security and are often vulnerable to attacks. In addition, they have fairly low liquidity, and as a result of that orders can be executed with slippage or not be triggered at all, which brings losses to traders. …

Today, the cryptocurrency market is oversaturated with exchanges, and users can easily get confused by their variety. Main issues for users: how to choose a reliable and convenient platform for exchanging digital currencies. Not only the comfort and experience, but also the profits depend on the correct exchange choice. Trading can either be a real headache or an interesting and exciting adventure.

OQEX Global is a modern cryptocurrency trading platform with many different tools and functions. At the same time, it will not be difficult for beginners to understand how the exchange is arranged and how everything works. You can…

OQEX Global is an cryptocurrency exchange run by OQEX Limited, one of a most trusted and long-living cryptocurrency exchanges in China Mainland. OQEX Global is supposed to provide best services not just in a home country, but to a whole world. Shared liquidity between two platforms will allow OQEX Global to attract new users by deep orderbook hosted in original OQEX.

OQEX Global exchange features

OQEX Global is registered in the UK by OQEX Global Limited. The cryptocurrency exchange has a user-friendly but quite functional interface. Various types of orders are available on the platform: limit orders, stop orders, passive orders, etc.

One of…

OQEX Global

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