Google will help owners of weak smartphones to accelerate their devices

At the presentation of Google I / O 2017, an American company led by Sundar Pichai told about a new stack of features — Android Go, which will become part of Android O and allow users of weak devices to feel themselves the owners of full-fledged devices based on the latest version of Android.

Android Go optimizes the work of the software, spending mobile traffic. Android Go consists of three main components: the operating system, Google applications and third-party applications, optimized for smart phones with weak hardware.

Android Go will be active on smartphones running Android O with memory from 512 MB to 1 GB. The optimization includes a limitation on the use of RAM, as well as a more flexible setting of saving traffic consumption of mobile Internet. Saving traffic in Google Chrome with an active Android Go will always work.

Google also promised that several services of the company will receive Lite-versions, adapted for weak iron. At the presentation, the company also paid attention to YouTube Go, which will be pre-installed on smartphones with 1 GB of RAM and lower instead of the regular version of YouTube.

YouTube Go will allow users to evaluate it in several screenshots before viewing the video. When you select quality, the video file size will be displayed, which, by the way, can be downloaded to the device memory and transferred later, for example, to a friend without the use of mobile networks.

On Google Play, you’ll also see a section “Optimized for your device” with Lite versions of applications, as well as with not very demanding applications. Deliveries of smartphones with Android Go “on board” will start in 2018.

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