What new features will Android get O?

Currently Google employees are focused on creating new products. Some of them are engaged in the design of the second generation of the flagship range of smartphones Pixel. By the way, the new model may lose the standard 3.5 mm output, that will certainly upset true music lovers. Another group might be working on a budget device that will be released under a different brand. Finally, another team is working on a new version of the Android operating system. What new features will appear in it? Let’s find out.

About the new version of the green robot at the moment very little is known. First, the report of existence will begin with the number 8.0. Second, the release will again be dedicated to some treat. Here the majority of experts inclines to the famous liver called Oreo. Most likely, the final name will be announced closer to the start of the spread of the new version.

Today, thanks to the efforts of the staff of the resource Venturebeat, we learn about three innovations Android O. the First of them will be called Copy Less. This feature will allow the smartphone to automatically detect important information on the page or other source and to copy it independently. This will save time when sending messages or emails.

The second innovation — instant build the map of the route to the point specified in the incoming message. The application card is simply activated at.Finally, the third feature is the gestures. For example, you can draw on the display an English letter “C”, after which the smartphone will open the contacts menu.

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