ERP in the Field: Building Offline Desktop and Mobile Applications for Oracle E-Business Suite

Just got an email this morning that our abstract was approved by the Oracle Applications User Group for the Collaborate17 Conference in Las Vegas. Thanks OAUG! Will be working with Erik Espinoza and Krishna Kishore the next few months to make sure this presentation kills! The countdown begins…








Have E-Business Suite users in the field, the air, or at sea? If so, more often than not they’re using a tablet, laptop or other desktop computer that requires access even when disconnected. In this session we explore a simple use case where we build a cross platform desktop application for field service technicians that connects to Oracle Enterprise Asset Management… and then we sever the connection! We show simple web services for EAM written in Oracle REST Data Services and the desktop application written in the wildly popular Electron Framework used by Slack, GitHub, Facebook, and Docker.

Presentation Objectives

  1. Examine the use case for desktop applications including offline mode, local devices, kiosk type apps, and other uses.
  2. Demonstrate how to build generic services for Oracle E-Business Suite EAM using ORDS, Oracle RESTful Data Services.
  3. Explain the Electron framework, its commercial success, and how to build a simple front-end for EBS EAM.

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Building Cross-Platform Desktop Applications
 with Apex, JET, and the Electron Framework

Why do you even need a desktop app in this mobile and web world we live in today? Sometimes you need a Desktop application for offline use, interfacing with printers, devices, local hardware, kiosks apps, toolbar components, operating system trays, or behind the firewall. Sometimes applications just “feel right” as desktop app. Native UI development is time consuming and difficult. In this session we explore integration of the wildly popular Electron framework and Apex to quickly and easily build, deploy, and manage desktop applications with native UX. Initially developed for GitHub’s Atom editor, Electron has since been used to create successful commercial desktop applications by Slack, Facebook, Microsoft, and Docker. Save & Exit

Node.js is a javascript framework that allows developers to build server side applications in javascript. Since its creation in 2009 it has spawned may popular web frameworks. But Node.js is not only about web applications it can do much more.

In this presentation we show how Node.js can be used to build cross-platform desktop applications. In fact, you are probably using one of those applications today since many popular applications are written in Node.js, including Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code IDE.