Social video delivers £0.001 per view and more

We recently tested out a new format with text on screen and footage from a video we filmed in Brazil with chef Claude Troisgros

The Plate is our own social hub which has been developed as a side project and reached about 50K followers across platforms.

It serves our main activity as a platform for experimentation and research in social video.

Noticing that it was getting above average organic engagement on Facebook we boosted it by a modest £3 with a targeted promotion.


  • 3,000 for views lasting over 3s) or £0.001 per view
  • 48 likes on the page directly linked to that promotion and 37 organic ones (+85 in total)
  • over 120 likes on the video

If we were to do a campaign for a product or brand the figure or 0.001 makes a 1,000,000 — reach very accessible for most budgets.

You can expect similar results when

a) the video is engaging

b) the content is matching the audience

c) the targeting is done precisely