What University Of Chicago Students Think Of Their School’s Campaign Against ‘Safe Spaces’
Casey Quinlan

several problems: nobody in this whole overwrought debate is really using the same definition of “safe space” — David French at National Review is talking about safety from both emotional and economic risk, Morty over at Northwestern means a space of basic respect, UChicago’s Safe Space Ally Network means a physical space where people respect LGBT+ students’ history/experiences. Others use “safe space” to casually signify the whole group of college leftists who are overly touchy about language and word politics (like the Brandeis students in this good article with a shitty title). You can literally use whatever meanings of whatever code words will get you clicks.

ThinkProgress is riding this exact wave with this article here. The issue is not really putting “TW: suicide” on the first slide of a powerpoint and then saying everything you were going to say anyway. The issue is that putting “TW: suicide” on the first slide of a powerpoint has become an incredibly dumb shorthand to talk about toxic strains of left-washed politics that make professors afraid to say what they were going to say anyway. We have to find some way to fairly talk about this edge of exaggerated sensitivity from self-described liberals/leftists in college who don’t need trigger warnings, without shit-talking practices that help people with trauma, or acting like this over-touchiness does not exist, or losing perspective of the lived violence or poverty that makes people care about the politics of language in the first place…or acting like this over-touchiness matters more that it does. I am amazed at how much the post-college adult world cares about this shit. I am amazed at how much the “liberal media” is willing to do exactly what Milo Yiannopoulos and ya friends at Breitbart expect them to do by harping this mess. NPR got all kinds of better crap to talk about than me and my classmates. (This is what I mean by losing perspective of the experiences of violence that makes people care about the language.)

Eric Holmberg still speaking serious truth though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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