No BS Anymore

This is my first #nobullshit post. Social media is powerful and an amazing connector but it can bring you misery if you keep comparing your REAL life and emotions with other people’s masks.

I did that so many times and I’m just tired of only showcasing my “sexy side” so I decided that if want to see a change in the world I’m starting “with the girl in the mirror”.

My self-awakening path started a while ago and quitting my job in October was a natural consequence of that for when you are not following your soul truth it gets uncomfortable… and I mean really uncomfortable. I had a great position, salary, team but something was missing and clearly going through the “what others expect from me” lane wasn’t doing anything for me anymore.

I decided to write a book and become an entrepreneur and what a journey this has been!? My ego was convinced things would show up “automatically”. But why the hell should I be “successful” if I’m still figuring out what “success” really means to me?! Then my ego felt pressured because “everybody” was watching so I wasn’t allowed to fail. Again, what does “failure” mean?!

Then today I was told I was a “disappointment” and I stood there observing my ego struggling. You see, my ego thinks I’m a bunch of labels like “leader”, “entrepreneur”, “mom”, “writer”, “mentor” so every time someone shakes those fragile pillars, it hurts. But the reason why today I had this unpleasant but blessed chat was because I needed to realize that each evolutionary step requires a deep integration of what we learned about our ego and a subsequence consolidation of our vibration. It’s only when you’re sure and grounded in your new growth stage that these events stop affecting you. I am not there yet but I’m already very proud of the awareness level I’m in…and awareness is power.

Today I feel compassion for others and for myself for we are all being called to watch and integrate our dark side as an important part of our evolution. And with love I part from what no longer serves me and continue to flow in these exciting ties of life.

Feel free to open your hearts too.