The way back home

This weekend I had the most amazing road trip with a group of remarkable ladies called Chicas Poderosas. For those of you that never heard about them, Chicas Poderosas’s mission is to empower women, involving both men and women, aiming to create a more informed, connected, engaged and balanced society. You might want to pay attention to them as a project and individually because they’re definitely on their road to amazingness.

We went to Porto in the northern part of Portugal to speak about “Female Leadership” and this was my first time in a panel of speakers as a Chica and I was so Goddamn proud! It was an incredible experience that taught us all a great deal of lessons that we are now digesting and considering how to carry them into our daily lives.

My learnings were numerous but I can clearly pin point the 2 main ones. Here’s the first one:

Home is where the heart is. For many years, probably most of my life, I struggled to fit in and therefore I didn’t have many friends. Actually, in many occasions I suffered from what we now call “bullying” from high-school to University. I never understood the reason up until recently I discovered that I was just being prepared to do what I am currently doing: trailblaze. I now call it my “Marine’s training” :)

You see, I am not stepping into conventional paths nor I am following old ways so some people will probably get uncomfortable. And that’s ok. I’ve been in that situation before so I’m fully equipped to peacefully carry on with my mission regardless of all supporters or heaters.

This doesn’t mean that I do not feel pain when people mistreat me or an extreme joy when recognized. It just means that I am serving something bigger than all of that. Bigger than me even.

But what’s wonderful about following your soul truth is that you get more light-hearted every day and that sense of constant abundance attracts magical things. So finally, after a long wait of 35 years, and exactely when I need the most, life brought me “my tribe”. They are like-minded people that love me unconditionally, challenge me to evolve, and make me feel that I am home at last. With them by my side I feel even more limitless and powerful.

My second learning was…

“No BS” is a state of being. Since I wrote my first #nobullshit post some days ago I feel lighter. I now understand that this how I should live everyday not only for the peace that authenticity brings me, but because people only relate to real-life stories and not meaningless words.

Lately I’ve been requested to speak at several events namely about women empowerment and diversity in business. This is openly a cause that I am passionate about so it’s with great pleasure that I take part of it. What is interesting to observe is that many people, especially those that have the deepest wounds, only see what’s on the surface. My looks, status, career path sometimes become roadblocks to my message so I decided to start sharing the true story behind the women that I am today.

From physical abuse to endless panic attacks, I had it all. And nothing was a coincidence or bad luck nor was I a victim or the perpetrator. I attracted all those painful situations until I had learned all the lessons I needed to collect…so that I could evolve, grow stronger and share them with the world.

I will dig deep into all these wounds, some that are already healed others that I am healing before your eyes. Maybe we can heal together…