Update on “Queen Bee”’s journey

Dear supporters,

Hi hope you are doing well.

First and foremost let me THANK YOU once more for all the love and support to “Queen Bee” book.

Let me share with you the latest news about “Queen Bee”. I appologise for my silence since the crowdfunding campaign but my first times “outside the hive” were quite challenging and I’m finally settling into the wonders of the entrepreneurship world.

The first big lesson about this uncharted and exciting territory is that I shouldn’t be teaching (or writing) about startups if I never went through the building process myself. “Talk is cheap” , so they say :) So for some strange reason that I’m still discovering, I’m building 3 startups at the same time.

Yes! I know it sounds crazy but what started as a quite straightforward consultancy business — Orangeboom — ended up giving birth to two other startups: Morfsy and Newmanity.

Here’s a quick summary of what happened.

During my meetings with my consulting clients there was a recurrent request: people wanted me to recruit for them. Although that wasn’t a line of business I wanted to pursue because it’s quite time consuming, I started wondering why the Universe was pushing me to do so. I’m a very spiritual person so I thought it was time to do what one of my biggest inspirations — Michael A. Singer — did and surrender to life.

I didn’t have enough money to pay anyone to help me, so one night, I took some of my son’s drawing paper and crayons and started designing a digital platform that would help me recruit. A few weeks later after validating my idea with a machine learning specialist, I went to Microsoft’s offices to request for technical support and BOOM! Morfsy was born. I am now prototyping my “baby” with the Runtime-Revolution team and preparing my first investment seed later this month.

Not long after Morfsy’s first concepts, a close friend of mine and I started pinpointing some aspects of society that we thought needed to change such as education, lack of human connection, unhumanized organizations, or how expensive good food was. Because we are not chronic complainers but people that tend to solve their own problems, we decided it was time to help democratize well-being. BOOM! Newmanity was born.

Newmanity is a social impact organization that aims to democratize well-being through an integrated, scalable, and fully sustainable system that combines the best of human cooperation, nature, and technology, to solve targeted social problems. Our areas of focus are education, impact business, farm & foods, housing & community and wellness. Together with my co-founder Christina in 4 months we brought together a team of 7 wholehearted people, 8 world class advisors and several private and public partners that are making this dream come true.

Between Orangeboom, Morfsy and Newmanity I started learning Yoga (to keep my balance :)), adopted a dog, spent my most rewarding free time playing with my son and of course, putting my ideas for the book together to share with you all later this year.

The decision of postponing the book’s launch until the end of the year was well-thought-out. I decided that this exponential and almost unbelievable chain of events were worth waiting for a bit longer so that you could know more about “Queen Bee”’s learnings.

I hope you understand this decision and keep your excitement levels up.

Thanks once again for your support.

See you soon!

With love,


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