Will be the good news for the bitcoin owners?

Some major crypto-investors assume that there is a time to withdraw all investments from this market before it’s too late. It, therefore, seemed the lack of optimism of the small investors and started the massive sell, which provokes the oversupply and drop of the rate.

It appears to be endless, where all depends on the opinion of the huge players. If they are going to buy, small follow them, at that time the rate starts their growth.

Relying on the opinion of the CEO of Wealth Chain Group and Blackmore Phillip Nunn the next year will have positive changes, and he encourages to keep cryptocurrency, not to sell.

The same thing considers Jeffrey Sprecher, CEO of New York Stock Exchange, and he implies the turn of events, in which cryptocurrencies will be the separate category of assets.

On the question, will the cryptocurrency survive, Sprecher answered: 
“The unequivocal answer is [digital assets will survive]. As an exchange operator, it’s not our objective to opine on prices.”

With the positive news, we can see the positive dynamics of the bitcoin growth and cryptomarket in overall. Just for one day from 27 to 28.11.2018, the capitalization of the cryptomarket grew on 10 billion. Bitcoin still is the leader.

We will hope on the positive news and changes in the market.
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