Top Reasons to Hire An Orange County Mediation Lawyer

A divorce can be settled amicably if the party’s agree to mediate the matter. If both party’s want to avoid costly litigation and can sit down and converse about the issues then the expertise of an Orange County mediation lawyer can assist in the negotiation of an agreement that resolves all issues between the spouses.

What is a Mediator?

A mediator is a neutral third party that assists the spouses in settlement dialogue. The mediator will keep the conversation cordial and on point. Not all mediators are attorneys. Hiring an Orange County Mediation Attorney is preferable because the attorney mediator can offer suggestions and educate the parties about California divorce law. Once an agreement is reached the Orange County Mediation attorney will incorporate the terms of your agreement into your divorce judgment.

What is Mediation?

Mediation can be more cost effective than litigation for a contested divorce. Orange County family law lawyers, who offer mediation services can help you to continue negotiating, help reduce costs and avoid delays. The mediation process gives you and your spouse the control to decide between yourselves how to divide your income, assets and create parenting plans that are in the best interest of all involved. Mediation puts your future and that of your children in your hands. If both parties cooperative an agreement that resolves all the issues can be reached in a few sessions. This differs greatly from the time it can take to litigate a matter. If you litigate your case you lose control of your life and place it in the hand of the Judge assigned to your case. Mediation is a way to help you control the outcome of your divorce.

How can an Orange County Mediation Lawyer Help?

An Orange County mediation lawyer can help guide and advise the parties on how to carry himself or herself during the mediation process. Mediation can be an avenue to insure that parents avoid parental conflict that can lead to a lengthy divorce battle, which can pave the way to harmonious co-parenting after divorce.


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