The Human Side of Trade
Russ Roberts

Education is only the beginning and the economy, especially in capitalism, could not care less about humans, jobs or suicides. What then? Capitalism with a human face? Ja! People need to adapt and realize that 20th century jobs won´t come back, that´s capitalism(the difference, it looks like to me, is that AMERICANS are getting a taste of their own medicine). China or free trade are not the only reasons for this, technology has helped, as mentioned in some comments. You can´t beat automation in profit terms, which is the essence of capitalism. (less money, no unions, work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

It happens all the time. The world spins too fast and some get stuck behind.

A start would be changing mentalities instead of waiting for miracles. Americans still have better chances and more possibilities than any other nationals in the entire world. They should stop complaining and prepare for a different future.

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