How to make a dynasty
Richie Koch

Good piece.

Yes, it´s all true, very similar to Venezuela. Ortega still has popular support so most people could not care less about all this stuff, for now. As you say, we´ll see. Unless a miracle happens the whole economy thing will kick in sooner than later and “loyalties” will be tested.

I find it too similar to Venezuela but in here one of the problems is that the opposition has never (ever) been popular in the working or poorest class spectrums. They often prefer this actual government, with all the bad things that may come with it, because they clearly identify with it and because they feel it´s better off this way. Chávez made sure of it and Maduro does not need much help. The opposition are snobbish, posh, haughty, jersey shore-style people representing bourgeois and rich interests; they believe it (it´s not far from the truth). I don´t know if that´s the case in Nicaragua.

In our case there´s no chance without the backing of the working class so we have, indeed, reached an impasse…a dead end.

Maybe in Nicaragua things will be different and the people will respond and demand a direct solution to their troubles.

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