Is the NFL in a death spiral?
julian rogers

Not a fan of football but i think you´ve got a point. It does not help that nfl teams are not global brands in a global world and it seems to me that with such a huge global market it´s a mistake not to care about it.

Some nfl and mlb owners started to see this a while ago and started to expand their business interests in association football (soccer), Stan Kroenke with Arsenal FC and the red sox owners with Liverpool FC. Manchester United has american owners, i think they also own an nfl team. The english premier league is booming with tv money…the uefa champions league and even the chinese super league is going strong. You should check the numbers of the mexican Liga MX, very impressive, their efforts to make their league globally appealing is paying off..

Rugby is also setting the pace. This sport only became professional in 1987. It is not a money making machine like the nfl but it has had an impact in the world market. They are growing steadily.

Basketball is the only american sport that is truly a global success. Baseball and football are gonna have a hard time if they are only to be played and/or followed in America, some parts of Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean. Good article.

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