Where have all the hard men gone?

Please…English (british to some extent) football and their “character” style, really? There´s a difference between being an aggressive player (such as Stoichkov, Cantona or Edmundo who would succeed today) and being just a screamer-moaner like Keane (who now does the same but with twitter and stuff like that). Keane was a good player but in today´s football world he would be just another Joey Barton. It´s why few english-british players make it big outside the premier league.

You do have a point in saying that there are no longer players like that but those strong enough to take tackles, give them fair-clean-square, play jogo bonito and keep their mouths shut, those were the example to follow. Edgar Davids, Fernando Redondo, Mauro Silva, Claude Makelele, Mauricio Serna, Pavel Pardo…

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