3 reasons why you should go with the flow

For one of our clients we are doing some consultancy on productivity, change management and innovation. Which brings you quickly to Steve Kotler, who has written two fascinating books on flow.

One titled “Stealing Fire” and one titled “The Rise of Superman”.

  1. Innovation, what is your organisation’s flow score?

Why is this relevant for innovation? Greylock partner venture capitalist James Slavet called flow state percentage — defined as the amount of time employees spend in flow — the “most important management metric for building great innovation teams”.

2. Why is this relevant to productivity?

Flow makes you a super computer, accessing a lot more of your brain capacity. The result is 200 percent boost in creativity, a 490 percent boost in learning, a 500 percent boost in productivity.

3. Change management

Flow will become the ultimate motivator. It captures everything. Purpose, meaning, learning, happiness, productivity, creativity, speed, left brain, right brain, product and service design and ultimately business success. True staff engagement is a pre-requisite for flow.

Transformative purpose

The big lesson for me is that flow has very little to do with technology. You can use technology, but without a transformative purpose at the core of your business, collective flow will remain elusive.

Forget CTOs, appoint a CPO (Chief Purpose Officer).

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