If it is good enough for Tony Hsieh, it should be good enough for you

Reinventing organisations

We started using “Reinventing organisations” in August 2014. It is one of the best books on the future of organisational development. And now Tony Hsieh of Zappos agrees.

From the Wall Street Journal article

The radical approach to management that Zappos is aiming for includes a trademarked concept called “Holacracy.” In it, traditional corporate hierarchies are replaced with self-governed teams known as “circles” in an effort to make the organization more agile and innovative.

Hsieh’s goal, as he outlined it in his March memo, is “to make Zappos a fully self-organized, self-managed organization by combining a variety of different tools and processes.” To that end, he’s asked employees as a first step to read a book called”Reinventing organisations” and watch a lengthy YouTube video by its author.

Staff development

At Bookbuzz, we have been working with a lot of organisation on their staff development, which invariably gets combined with innovation, strategy and change management. At these programmes “reinventing organisations” has become an anchor book.

Counter intuitive

This book takes a complete counter intuitive approach. This is engagement by being completely self organising. With a clear sense of purpose, passion and values. It describes a wide range of companies, which if you could compare them with human beings, are close to being enlightened. Fully aware of their mission in life. Being close to themselves and others. Applying ancient techniques, which include meditation, being grateful and kind, talking sticks, tingsha bells and going back to nature.

Extremely successful

We are not talking flower power or Woodstock. These techniques work and make the companies that apply these self organising businesses extremely successful. With staff that is engaged, happy and content. With a complete alignment with the company. They are the company. It is what Kotler dreams of in “Marketing 3.0”.

Next generation organisation

It is what “Employees first, costumers second” aspires to. It is how “The connected company” suggest you organise your business. But this goes a lot further. It is the next generation organisation. Or organisation 4.0.

What does self organising mean?

Everyone decides for themselves what they want to do, when they want to do it, who they want to do it with and how much they get paid. Fully decentralised. There are no job titles. There is no CEO. There is no organisation chart. There is no HR department, finance department or marketing department. There are very few meetings. There is a lot of emphasis on training, particularly in group dynamics, decision making and conflict resolution. There is complete transparency. There are very clear guidelines.There is a lot of focus on cultural fit, feedback loops and a very clear understanding of why the company exists.


Because everyone is so engaged, everything is sense and respond. Which makes companies very quick, truly utilising the collective intelligence of the organisation.

The questions to ask

What is the right thing to do? Is my heart at work? Am I in the right place?

No need for change management

When everyone is clear about following the purpose and are defined by it, competition, profit, innovation, strategy are all part of the eco system. Everyone is doing strategy, everyone is selling, everyone is doing market sensing, everyone is budgeting, everyone is training and because everyone is engaged, there is no need for “change management”

Pandora’s box

We always warn our client of the Pandora’s box effect. Once you open up the minds of your people, feed them with quality information and ask them to engage and think, it is difficult to go back to the old ways.

Embrace it

And we are increasingly scratching our heads. How do you get organisation to embrace these new, age-old principles?

Need help?

Our website is www.bookbuzz.biz. If you let us know your challenge we will happily brief you verbally on the latest thinking (so you don’t have to read all of those books) and what we can do for you. With or without your team. By Skype or over a coffee. Click http://www.bookbuzz.biz/submit-challenge

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