Orange Use Cases: The Limitless Potential of Portable Reputation

Reputation-Based Participation

  • Initiating proposals and discussions
  • Voting weight and participation
  • Work contributions to treasury management
  • Records of donations to public goods
  • Participation in certain activities

Reputation as a Gateway to Entry

  • Sybil-resistant identity verification
  • Possession of fungible or NFT assets
  • Social-media verification
  • Subscriber and/or follower count
  • Third-party endorsements

Trustless Economic Activity

Reputation via asset scoring for DeFi is just one potential use case for the Web3 economy.
  • Transactional histories
  • Asset values & attributes
  • Off-chain verified financial risk data
  • Verified on and off-chain identities



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Orange Protocol

Orange Protocol

Orange is a protocol for building trustless, decentralized, and portable reputation for Web3. Connect with us: