St.Andrew’s Church,Farnham

It is an Anglican parish church in the center of Farnham. The churchyard contains the grave of William Cobbett. The south transept of the church is carved with sacred monograms and symbols representing the four evangelists. The back of the church displays a vinegar Bible. There is a chantry chapel on the north side of the church dedicated to Virgin Mary.

Bethel Baptist chapel

It was established in 1879 and is located at The Bars, Guildford,Surrey.It is a strict Baptist Chapel affiliated to the Gospel Standard group.The whole building has amazing arts and crafts feeling. Earlier a temporary chapel builds of corrugated iron and was called THE TIN CHAPEL. The name Bethel was given to the building.

St.Joan of Arc’s church

It is a Roman Catholic Parish Church in Farnham , Surrey.It was founded in 1929.The church is said to be founded by Fr. Mathieu Gerin and Fr.Etienne Robo. The Romanesque Revival style is beautifully established in the construction of the church.It is designed by the Spanish architect John Edward Dixon.

Farnham vineyard church

It was established in 1991.Vineyard was a small bible study group formed in north America and later it spread to England.

Holy Family Church

It was established in 1954 and was doubled in size in 1971. Even though the church is a very simple structure it is home to some special work of art. In 1967 The Lady Chapel was added and a wooden statue of Mary with Child Jesus was places in it. From the roof a very beautifully carved Christus Rex is suspended. Relics of St.Lucentis and Gratiae from Rome were sealed in the Altar Stone.

These are the popular churches in Farnham, Surrey. Farnham is blessed with all these churches. Online Taxi services are available all over UK.