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May 18, 2018 · 4 min read

“Hey Siri get an OLA Cab for me to airport”, now it’s enough to book your cab from your IPhone. Apple “Siri “and Android “google assistant” provides this new feature of customer experience. So as traveler we need to update with the knowledge of Taxi apps around the world.

Best Taxi Apps for your Trip


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Uber undoubtedly dominates the ground. Available in more than 630 cities across the globe, there is no competitor that stands in competition with it. Going for a party, or to the airport, Uber is for everything. Book your cab anywhere anytime of the day.

Uber provides easy payment options such as cash, or credit that makes it even more convenient. Different categories depending upon expenditure such as Uber Pool, Uber X, Uber Go, Uber Black are easily available for booking.


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Lyft is another best taxi booking app that has been giving a tough competition to Uber. Present in more than 200 cities across the United States, just download the app and with a few clicks, you are good to go.

Lyft rates its drivers based upon ratings given by passengers and only the ones who score the maximum ratings can drive.

Not just this, it is the only taxi booking app that provides 1 million USD liability insurance. It also provides split share facility.


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Built on a simple concept, treat drivers nicely and they will treat passengers nicely. Available in more than 100 cities across Europe and US, Gett is one of the best taxi booking apps that provides excellent riding services at affordable prices.

Some of the amazing features include the facility to book cabs two weeks prior, skip surge pricing etc. Gett also provides 24×7 assistance to passengers.


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Book a safe transportation cab in a few minutes with Grab Taxi. Grab Taxi is a dominant name in entire south-east Asia and provides the easiest and fastest taxi booking options.

Grab provides easy cab options for every price range. GrabTaxi, GrabShare, GrabHitch, GrabBike, GrabFamily etc are some options that people may choose from while booking cabs.It also offers easy payments option like cash, credit and Grab credits.


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Another taxi booking app that doesn’t fail in marking its position in our list of best taxi booking apps is Curb. Connecting more than 50,000 taxis in the US this is one of the most famous ride-sharing apps.

Curb gives its users three options while booking, Ride Now, Ride Later & Pair & Pay. Booking cabs using Curb, users are easily benefited with licensed and experienced drivers, winning free rides, multiple payment options.

Ola Cabs

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One of the best taxi booking apps available in India. It provides the fastest travel options in a few clicks. Simply download the app book a cab and you are good to go. It provides ample booking options like Ola Auto, Share, Micro, Mini, Prime Sedan, LUX, Rentals etc.


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GoCatch is Australia’s best cab booking app. Low fared options without any surge pricing, GoCatch is the most used cab service in entire Australia. Economy, premium, taxi or maxi are the options available while booking cabs. It provides an easy, affordable, quick and secure way to commute.

Online Taxis 24*7 Service

End to the time we wait for the public service, now every service and products come to our doorstep at any time without human laziness. Great faster future world wait for you with more excitements in user interface.

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