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Born in Montreal, Guy Hamelin has been exploring artistic composition for over 12 years. Photographer by trade, he was recently asked to photograph the works of other painters. His contact with both the paintings and their creators made him want to touch the materials and play with the pigments.

One day, lying on a park bench, he had a vision — he was gripped by vibratory images of rippling circles and exploding colours. This was enough to launch Hamelin into an exploration, both physical and chemical, of mixtures, colours, expansions, blends and vibrations. He learned to coexist with the laws of physics in order to bring his ideas to life.

“I like to mix art and physics, to explore freely, explore, and push my limits… My creations are deeply introspective, and are inspired by spontaneous insights, vibrations, colours and especially the circle. When I touch the subject, I nd myself in a meditative state where I let light, memories and healing energy transpose itself onto my canvas.”

Guy Hamelin

PDF Digital Edition — Bitcoin Magazine Issue 1

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End the Fed

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