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Bitcoin Empire Card Game

Build your crypto-currency empire and sabotage your opponents. A deck building, card game. 2–4 players. 15 minutes.

After the recent success on Kickstarter; Bitcoin Empire, the first ever bitcoin themed card game is available to buy. This retail edition includes a brand new character card inspired by Satoshi Dice founder Erik Voorhees.

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Box Contents

Each custom printed tuck box includes 54 poker sized playing cards printed on 300gsm professional quality card stock with blue core with a smooth finish. Each deck contains:

4 x Instruction cards
4 x Double sided Character cards
1 x Satoshi Nakamoto card
3 x Internet Meltdown cards
7x Exchange cards
7 x Head Hunter cards
7 x Bribe cards
7 x Lawsuit cards
7 x Hack cards
7 x Smear Campaign cards

Playing With Multiple Decks

You can play Bitcoin Empire with more than one deck. Simply remove the instructions and unused character cards from all the decks. Then remove all but one of the Satoshi Nakamoto cards from the deck and shuffle all of the cards together.

Playing with more than one deck increases the maximum number of players and the time it takes to play.

One deck 2–4 players, 15 minutes
Two decks 2–8 players, 30 minutes
Three decks 2–12 players, 45 minutes

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