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Wallet Recovery Services

Lost the password to your private key?

Have you forgotten your wallet password? Don’t panic! We may be able to help you.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and other cryptocurrency wallets are normally encrypted by you, the wallet owner. However, sometimes you forget or misplace your wallet password. This is a bad thing! Unless the password is recovered, you have no way to access any funds stored in that wallet. That money is lost forever. At today’s exchange rate, that might be a lot of money.

Hopefully we can help you.

We have partnered with Wallet Recovery Services, the best provider in the industry, to offer this service. They have 4 years of industry experience helping individuals recover coins. After you fill out the form below you will be contacted for more information, such as your best guess at your remembered password/passphrase, and attempt a brute force decryption of your wallet.

The fee is 20% of the value of the wallet, but this is payable ONLY if your wallet is successfully decrypted and your funds are returned to you. Please fill out the form below and Wallet Recovery Services will be in contact with you shortly.

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Private Internet Access VPN

You are purchasing a one-year VPN subscription to Private Internet Access. On purchase, you will receive an email with your one-year license and redemption instructions.

Stay anonymous and secure on public wifi. Hide your IP address to connect to blocked apps and websites with Private Internet Access’s unlimited VPN proxy. Private Internet Access unblocks online content for users and allows them to encrypt their network traffic, change their IP address, and connect anonymously to blocked websites and apps. Protect your privacy with Private Internet Access™, the world’s leading VPN proxy service for iOS mobile and tablet users.

Purchase a year’s subscription to Private Internet Access and enjoy:

Private Internet Access™ VPN service: fast speed, unlimited bandwidth, 5 devices simultaneously (smartphones, tablets, desktops), no traffic logs, 24/7 customers support!

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- IP Cloaking. Your IP address will be changed to one of the Private Internet Access’ IP addresses to hide your identity and location by blending you with the crowd. Hide your IP address to stop data trackers, snoopers, and hackers from tracking your browsing and search activity.

- Data Encryption. Get Public WiFi security in hotspots, coffee shops, cafes, hotels, and airports. Without encryption, your data can be as available as public TV. Our trusted VPN service creates several security layers which protect you and prevent access to your data.

- Access blocked or censored websites. Unlock your favorite sites from anywhere.


- Low price. $3.33 per month if you purchase a yearly account ($39.99/year) or $6.99 on a monthly basis.

- Reliable and trusted VPN provider since 2010. Proven no log policy.

- Privacy is our Policy. Here at PIA, we not only provide a great VPN service at a low price, but we also support organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, FightForTheFuture, and many others.


“Super easy to use, just works…. Speeds are the same as if I wasn’t connected to the VPN.” Werner 06/19/2016

“I did my homework, reviewing many VPN services. PIA was among the most economical, plenty of simultaneous connections and more than enough servers and services. Software loaded quickly and easily on MAC OS X, IPad, Windows 10 and Android phone. The speed is more than I hoped for. I can stream all YouTube videos. HD quality is superb with no buffering. I am happy to have this extra security on all our devices. My wife could not tell the difference after I installed it on her PC. I think I paid $39.99/year. What a bargain!” Helmut, 06/20/2016

“PIA is the best VPN provider that lets you download in complete privacy at your max download and upload speed. Very user friendly interface with many option to choose from. Totally worth the extreme low price!” Minivip, 06/19/2016

“They are bold when it comes to promising the quality of their product and are just as bold in delivering the result, I stand by them as my favorite VPN service providers. Buy the service you won’t regret it.” Atharva, 06/19/2016

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Trade Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets

Easily buy, sell, and trade digital currencies and assets. Want to trade Ethereum for Bitcoin or Dash? No problem. Trade dozens of the most popular cryptocurrencies between each other.

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Engraved Crypto Wallets

Personalized Ethereum Wallet Necklace

This Stainless Steel Rectangular Pendant has a snap on Stainless Steel bail.

We custom engrave your Ethereum wallet details with a diamond engraver making it a permanent engraving.

And, by using Stainless Steel which is highly durable and doesn’t rust, your pendant will stand the test of time and keep your bitcoin details safe from fire or water damage.

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Bitcoin Mining Services

Genesis Digital Currency Mining

Interested in mining bitcoin? Try cloud mining through Genesis Mining.

Use promotion code for 3% off your next purchase.

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It’s super simple — Your mining rigs are already set up and running. As soon as you’ve set-up your account you can start to earn your first coins from the bitcoin cloud mining service! Mine Bitcoin, Dash, ZCash, or Ethereum.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin, Digital Currencies and Assets

Buy and sell bitcoins from the most reputable businesses in the industry.

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Bitcoin Debit Cards

Select from the best bitcoin debit card providers on the market.

Consumers who have savings or earnings in bitcoin can spend them literally anywhere and on everything using bitcoin debit cards.

The beauty of this solution compared to the one offered by bitcoin merchants is that instead of convincing businesses to accept bitcoins, crypto lovers now have the opportunity to spend bitcoin within the traditional financial infrastructure.

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