10 Benefits of Drinking Water — Ora Regenesis Spa

Water keeps the kidneys are working:

If you do not already know, our kidneys help flush out toxins in the body. This in turn helps regulate blood pressure, electrolyte balance and fluid in the body. And how it can are preserved kidneys ticking? Water is Life! Water has many benefits of drinking plenty of water, which helps your kidney function optimally!
 Tonic drink:

The health benefits of water are many! If you feel tired, jittery and zonked after strict training course, a glass of ice water can help you to activate in a jiffy. Remember, that one of the signs of dehydration is fatigue. So, the next time you start to feel the energy levels drop, simply absorbs some water!
 Protects joints and cartilage:

If you want your joints and cartilage lubricated well, yes, the water will do the trick! And drinking water lubricates joints and also protects the spinal cord tissue from minor injuries. Cartilage about 85% of the water and maintaining the health of cartilage, it is important to hydrate the body.

Cures ghost:

The importance of drinking water is not limited to just save the kidney and cartilage of your work. When you wake up with the specter of another party, a few cups of water, can help you get back on your feet. The consumption of alcohol dehydrates the body, leaving you feeling dizzy and unbalanced. At the drinking distilled water, in such cases it may not be advisable, and a few cups of clear water and help you think clearly again!

Drinking water helps weight loss:

Drinking water to lose weight is something most people resort to it. When up the amount of your water, you will feel less hungry and more satiated. This reduction of midday snacking. One of the most important benefits of drinking hot water is a quick weight loss. How, you may ask? Drinking water boosts metabolism by many openings, which also adds to the weight loss.

It promotes better digestion:

Drinking lukewarm water and not only helps weight loss, but also promotes better digestion. It also helps to melt the fat soluble in water and fiber. It also prevents constipation by adding bulk to the stool. Combine the water with fiber that we consume in the large intestine, and together, in addition to the bulk of the stool. It also helps to expel most of the toxins from the body and reduces pressure on the kidneys.

He adds water shine to your tresses:

Potable water, your hair also benefits! Any hairdresser testify that cold shower, you will leave your tresses shine and bright. Rinse with cold water tightens the skin from each strand of hair, making it flatter, smoother and more expressive! Bathing also helps in making your beautiful locks easier and less prone to tangles.
 It reduces wrinkles and under-eye bags:

The benefits of using daily water ice packs will surprise you, it reduces the wrinkles under your eyes by keeping it on your eyes. Use cool compresses every day, and you will be surprised at how long wrinkles begin to fade.
 Headaches treat:

Bad headache can ruin your mood and makes you unable to perform simple household chores. Headaches and migraines, like most other cases are often symptoms of dehydration. And increase your water intake reduce the frequency as well as severity of the headaches.

Regulates body temperature:

It is a substance that the body temperature is regulated, especially during physical work and exercises. Thanks to its characteristics and thermal water helps the body cool, by releasing the heat in the form of sweat.

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