Day of Viktor Marchev’s Life

Oraz Kereibayev
Sep 28, 2019 · 2 min read
Viktor Marchev is a 22-year-old student of American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) who has spent most of his life in the city of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Viktor has been followed through the entire Monday of Sep. 23, 2019 to demonstrate how he spends every day. (Photo/ Oraz Kereibayev)
Viktor wakes up at 9:30 AM to prepare for the entire day. He lives alone at the apartment in a relatively far part of Blagoevgrad. However, Viktor says that he walks fast enough to reach any place in around 15 minutes.
Even before making the bed, Viktor goes to the local grocery store to buy food for breakfast. Today he is eating two boiled eggs and two pieces of bread while listening to Eminem’s last album. He has 30 more minutes until his class starts.
Viktor’s apartment is full of different movie posters and small house accessories. The first thing every guest sees is the posters of Pulp Fiction and Into the Wild. After that, a guest might notice a bookcase with the poster of Training Day.
Viktor came to the lecture related to photography and video making. Viktor is in his senior year double-majoring in Journalism and Mass Communication and Business Administration. He wants to combine knowledge from his majors to devote himself to the marketing industry.
Viktor turns on the computer to edit the photos of a ballet dancer he took for the class. While having an open session, he manages to discuss his work with the professor and consult his classmates.
Right after that, Viktor has a short break and then another photography class. He signs up for the presentation he will give in two weeks. Right after that, Viktor discusses the assignment with his classmates.
The entire class goes out of the classroom to take a group photo. After that, Viktor asks questions from the professor related to photography. Viktor’s group is choosing the best photos from the ones presented by his classmate.
Viktor is a positive person who can always make friends in any company, but sometimes he also needs time for himself. The class is almost over.
Viktor finishes his classes and now he goes home. He always chooses the sideway through the forest, behind the supermarket’s warehouse and in between railway tracks. He uses this road every day since his childhood.
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